About Will Registration – UK Search and Registration Service

Solicitors for the Elderly has made available, through The Certainty National Will Register, a facility for members to register and search for Wills. 

Will Search and Registration Lowers Risk Profile and is Best Practice

Most members already understand that the process is regarded as best practice and reduces the risk profile of the practitioner. This fact is backed up because ninety percent of PII insurance providers now include the Certainty National Will Register on their proposal forms.

Formally Referenced in Legal Textbooks

The Certainty National Will Register is accredited and referenced in a number of legal textbooks including those published by the Law Society, LexisNexis, Tolleys and Practical Law Company. This provenance serves to not only reassure the practitioner as to the implementation and management of the National Will Register but also that it also acts as a tool to protect not only the law firm, but the client as well.

Protecting Law Firms and Clients

This wish to afford testators additional protection is from where the Certainty National Will Register's philosophy stems. Certainty believes that the client deserves to have a safeguard in place to prevent their Will 'disappearing without trace' in the event that; it is presumed never written, a newer will exists or, less likely (but very relevant), that the Will has been maliciously destroyed.

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