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Do the family tree beneficiaries always reflect the beneficiaries that appear in an unknown Will?
Genealogists, Heir Hunters and Probate Researchers say that they use Certainty Will Search to avoid wasted time upfront and the cost of tracing the next in line to inherit according to the family lineage only for an unknown Will to be discovered that excludes certain family members and names non-family beneficiaries. Genealogists, Heir Hunters and Probate Researchers use and recommend Certainty Will Search to their clients to help avoid this situation arising.
In fact at least 1 in every 10 Certainty Will Searches discovers an unknown Will in a quick and efficient way. 
It is not only the loose creaky floorboard in the deceased's home that can conceal an unknown Will. Heir Hunters, Genealogists & Probate researchers rely upon Certainty Will Search to find Wills and later Wills if they exist! A Certainty Will Search Combined checks the Certainty National Will Register’s circa 7 million Wills and also completes a geographically targeted search for Wills that have not been registered, held by solicitors and Will writers.